Melissa Dana, Reiki Master/Teacher, EAMP, LAc, Dipl OM
Seattle, WA

Bio: In 2007, Melissa founded her private practice Black Pine Holistic Healing, offering services in Reiki, acupuncture* and Chinese herbal medicine. Currently she practices in Ballard, Seattle; her mission is to help those who seek self-awareness, acceptance, and ease. Using Chinese medicine and Reiki as springboards into patient self-discovery and insight, Melissa believes the keys to healing include: (1) creating ease in our life by (2) expanding our awareness through active mindfulness; (3) accepting our experience wholeheartedly; and (3) choosing the healthiest conditions for our thriving. She believes patient dialogue, reflection, and practice are essential to the healing process. Reiki and Chinese medicine are considered holistic modalities, in which the mind, body and spirit are interconnected. This means we can affect change on the physical level by initiating change on the spiritual level and vice versa. Each level of being is equally deserving of attention. Treatment is aimed to help individuals find relief, hear their needs, and identify options in their life for expanse. Not sure which modality would be best for you? Feel free to contact Melissa for a complimentary consultation. *Needle-free options available.

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